10X is an intensive 12-week course program focusing on Python in Israel. It includes personal mentoring, targeting immediate employment. No prior programming knowledge required. 10X is focused on educating and mentoring excellent software developers. Our first program is called “Passionate Web Developer” – a 12 week intensive developer bootcamp, targeted at great non-programmers, and leading them to join Israeli startups as web developers through a revolutionary training trail and apprenticeships in great companies. We value and practice open source technologies and see software development as a craft.

Quick Facts

  • Primary Language: Python
  • Tuition: $3,215
  • Hours: 480

Contact Info

, Modiin


@10x_org_il tweets


RT(FM): @hackerschool: We just published the Hacker School User's Manual: https://t.co/dMQNpc7GbO

Can you learn programming? http://t.co/KVH74BX7YB

#reversim summit 2013 was great - the talks, the people, the spirit. Huge respect to @rantav and @orilahav and the sponsors.

Before going home, hear some more about developer boot camps from @nonzero at 18:00 #reversim #unconference

What are you looking for in a good developer? Can it be taught in ~10 weeks? Come discuss it with @nonzero at 13:40 #reversim #unconference

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