In 10 intense weeks, you will take a journey like no other. With the help of our world-class instructors and teamwork with your peers, you will learn to be a web developer. Learning to code takes hard work and an intense passion to learn. Our hands-on, in-the-trenches approach is the best way to learn this stuff. Anyone can be a hobbyist coder. But here at Devatory, you can become a professional web developer. Transform your life and get a high-paying job doing something fascinating. We focus on the technologies that drive the web. Go from ""Hello world"" to crazy transforms and animations. Learn to master HTML5 and advanced CSS techniques. Our students will use powerful tools like LESS on real projects. After HTML and CSS, nothing is more valuable than JavaScript. Learn the basics then jump into libraries like JQuery. You will create your own jQuery plugins in team projects. Our students will experience the entire breadth of web application development including the middle tier and the database layer. We will write web apps using Microsoft's MVC4 platform in C#. Many organizations follow Agile software development methods in order to rapidly ship out software. We will run our projects in Agile-like fashion so you will learn the lingo, like who is the chicken and who is the pig.

Quick Facts

  • Primary Language: Javascript
  • Tuition: $8,000
  • Hours: 450

Other Topics

HTML CSS Javascript jQuery Node.js

Contact Info

700 Commerce Drive, Suite 500, Oak Brook


@devatory tweets


JavaScript is the Swiss-army knife of programming languages.

New site uses JavaScript frameworks like Backbone.js,

We'll see you tomorrow at the Chicago JavaScript Meetup -

My answer to What skills should a web developer possess?

See how our military veterans can translate their IT training into the civilian world.

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