LearnStreet is an online education platform that democratizes coding via a completely new mindset and approach ­ for teaching people how to code. Inspired by the increasingly popular Maker Movement, LearnStreet views coding as a way for people to express themselves, build amazing projects, and increase their marketability, rather than simply a route to a better job. Instead of replicating content taught in college-level computer science or online courses, LearnStreet advocates multi-modal learning and a project-driven approach to help users learn in the ways that best fit them. Featuring the first-of-its-kind Code Garage that encourages users to build widgets, games and puzzles by themselves or in collaboration with others, LearnStreet appeals to those who want to become professional developers as well as those interested in learning enough to allow them to build an app or a personal project.

Quick Facts

  • Primary Language: Python
  • Tuition: $0
  • Hours: 0

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online, San Francisco


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Make Coding Fun for Students with LearnStreet https://t.co/Nq9axRjFaU

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